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Easy-Midnight Bromo
Tour Package



This package is a cheap package to be able to travel to Bromo even if you just go travelling alone. On the way you can meet new friends, while being able to enjoy the natural beauty of Bromo at sunrise and in the morning.
We give priority to the departure point from Malang city. If you are from Surabaya or cities around Malang, you can go to Malang first, and then we will pick you up to go to Mount Bromo.
  • bromo mentigen hill

    Mentigan Hill

    Favorite places for travellers to enjoy Bromo Sunrise
  • bromo whispering sand

    Whispering Sand

    Tourist destination around Bromo which offers amazing and vast sea of sand.
  • bromo luhur poten temple

    Luhur Poten Temple

    A place of worship used by the Tengger tribe that adheres to Hinduism and lives around Mount Bromo. The temple is to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, a Creator who is worshiped by the Tengger tribe.
  • mount bromo crater

    Crater of Mt. Bromo

    You will climb and see the crater of the active Bromo Volcano.
  • bromo savanna meadow

    Savanna Meadow

    One of the favorite locations of travelers in Bromo to take photos and do selfies against the backdrop of vast and beautiful meadows.
  • bromo teletubbies hill

    Teletubbies Hill

    The hill that does look like a hill on the Teletubbies television program. Unique and interesting location to add to your photo collection.

Package Details

Include facilities:
1. Transportation to Bromo
2. Jeep Landcruise
3. Driver
4. BBM
5. Bromo tourist ticket (Mentigan Hill, Whispering Sand, Luhur Poten Temple, Mt. Bromo Crater, Savannah Meadow and Teletubies hill)
6. A souvenir of typical Malang coffee

Event Rundown:

23.30 We meet you in pick-up point in Malang city
00.00-02.30 Travelling to Bromo, then hiking to Mentigan Hill
02.30-06.00 Enjoying the Bromo Sunrise at Mentigan Hill
06.00-08.00 Heading to and enjoying Craters of Mt. Bromo and Mt. Batok
08.00-09.00 Taking pictures/photos on the Whispering Sand
09.00-10.00 Enjoying the beauty of the Savana Meadow and Teletubies Hill
10.00-12.00 Travelling back to Malang

1. Equipment that must be carried (jacket, knitted gloves or at least able to withstand cold, personal cameras, ID/identity cards).
2. Schedules can change to adjust the conditions in the field.
3. Snacks, food, and horses when circling Bromo are outside our package.
4. Waterfall ticket is not included.
5. Hotel and ticket to go to Malang are not included in the package above. We can help you find a hotel or inn if you still don't have a place to stay.
6. Criticism and input to us will be very valuable to advance and improve the quality of Trisan Travel services.

Trisan Tour also offers flexible tour arrangements where in addition to the Bromo tour package that we have offered, we can also help and guide you to choose a tour based on your specifications / criteria. So, we can always provide custom tour packages based on your preferences and budget, such as transportation, food, lodging, tourist destinations, activities sought, travel schedule / time, etc. For example, besides traveling to Bromo, you also want to visit tourist attractions in Malang city like Jatim Park, South Malang Waterfall (Curug Malang Selatan), Museum Angkut, Batu, etc, then you can request us to include these trips to the package.

Our business is also in the field of trip organizer, so don't hesitate to communicate and consult via our Whatsapp or email directly when you want to travel. Everything is possible! We want to make our customers fully enjoy their travel, happy and satisfied.

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